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David Halpryn – 407 Panacea Owner

David Halpryn is a big fan of Intrepid’s customer service, and his enthusiasm comes from personal experience in owning two Intrepids over the years.

The attentive service began for the owner during the sales process with Alex Rizo and his team, and continued as his Panacea was built. Mr. Halpryn described production as a thoroughly enjoyable experience with the builders patiently working through revisions and enhancements he requested. Intrepid even brought in a professional decorator to help ensure that paint colors perfectly reflected the look desired by Mr. Halpryn and his wife.

Ultimately, it is service after the sale where Intrepid has truly shined for this owner. Mr. Halpryn said, “They are the best in customer service because they just don’t seem to know the meaning of the word “no” when it comes to making an Intrepid owner happy.” When service or a repair was needed in Key Largo or Abaco, the Intrepid team went above and beyond to provide him with solutions. Company president Ken Clinton even took a call on Christmas Day to help with an urgent need, although it was related to something beyond a typical warranty or service request.

Intrepid goes well beyond the extra mile to ensure the absolute comfort, safety, and convenience of our owners like David Halpryn.

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