Travel in Style with Intrepid Powerboats

Luxury transportation provides all the personal comfort, service and privacy you could ever need, and countless airlines, companies and brands promise to deliver the best of the best. If you’re looking to travel from Point A to Point B in style, choose from a variety of arrangements including:

  • Private jet charters
  • Luxury car services
  • Luxury boating

Browse Intrepid Powerboats’ top tips and tricks when it comes to planning your most luxurious adventure yet via plane, car or boat.

Private Jet Charters
Turn international jaunts and domestic trips into stylish getaways with a private jet charter. Exclusive charter services such as WheelsUp and ExecuJet allow private passengers to skip the TSA check points and crowded terminals associated with commercial flights and discover a privileged world of safety, comfort and convenience, that offers incomparable efficiency and reliability.

Private jet fleets are meticulously maintained and crewed by the industry’s most talented pilots and attentive staff, and jet charter services provide the flexibility and freedom luxury travelers are looking for. Why not turn your next flight into an unforgettable experience and charter your own private plane?


Luxury Car Services
Hiring a personal car and driver is one of the simplest and most popular ways to take your trip to the next level. Working with a car service not only ensures that you benefit from local drivers’ familiarity with the area, it also eliminates the pressures of navigation and parking. Nothing could be better than arriving at your destination and being whisked off to dinner and drinks or directly to a four or five-star hotel without puzzling over train schedules or waiting in long taxi and rideshare lines.

If you choose, you can curate your experience right down to the car brand. Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti and Rolls Royce are just a few of the most recognizable names that remain popular with the jet set.

Whether you’ve tapped an agent to make the arrangements on your behalf or you’re putting together the itinerary yourself, we highly recommend including luxury car service in your future travel plans.


Luxury Boating
It wasn’t so long ago that we relied on ships to make international crossings. Hearken back to the golden age of travel with a luxury yacht or cruiser, perfect for day cruises, weekend trips and even longer journeys. Intrepid Powerboats crafts extensively customized powerboats and sport yachts that are perfectly suited to a vacation lifestyle, with models such as the 438 Evolution offering surprisingly spacious berths perfect for relaxation and privacy. Well-appointed galleys are also ideal for entertaining and preparing meals, with all the high-end features and finishes you need for a refined on-the-water experience.

Intrepid luxury sport yachts also provide ample power and fuel capacity to get you where you’re going quickly and efficiently, with plenty of storage for equipment and luggage. Custom lounge seating, expansive sunpads, and large wraparound settees that convert to second queen berths invite passengers to gather in comfort and style above and below deck throughout the day or for luxurious overnight stays.

Duration of travel and ultimate destinations will guide your choice of yacht size and features, as well as any staffing or supply needs. Browse Intrepid’s impressive fleet of custom luxury powerboat models. Utilizing the industry’s leading fabrication techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, Intrepid will help envision and build a vessel crafted to your exacting specifications.