The 477 Evolution. It’s the biggest news we’ve ever had. Literally.

We have been working on several new models for the upcoming Fort Lauderdale boat show, like the 407 Nomad FE, which we just shipped to Dania so be sure to go check it out, the 407 Nomad SE, which is about 80% done and will ship to Dania in a couple of weeks, the 345 Valor and the 477 Evolution, which should finish just before the Fort Lauderdale show. With all of these new boats, we have been getting tons of questions, as we would expect, but the boat getting the most amount of questions is the 477 Evolution. Therefore, I thought I would take the time to do a complete breakdown of the things that we are doing to our flagship boat.

The 477 Evolution comes to life by way of 15 years of custom building in our Sport Yacht line. Over all of those years, we have had thousands of requests to customize these boats and a lot of those ideas really turned out well. Like we always say, “Our customers are our best designers”. And that holds true more than ever in the 477 Evolution.

477 evolution
Let’s start on the outside and work our way into the boat. The standard hull side dive door has been moved over to the starboard hull side and in its place, we have added a hydraulically actuated hull side platform that will fold down with a swim ladder recessed into it. The hull will have hull side openings on both the port and starboard sides.

Then, there are the new hull side windows. A completely new design along with an inset style line that connects the forward and aft sets of windows. This is much harder than it looks. In order to create these shapes in the hull, we had to create what we call detail inserts. Basically, these are pieces that we put in the hull mold in order to create the shapes in the hull side. The catch is, you cannot pull the hull with those inserts in the mold once the hull is built. It locks the part into the mold so, we have to then unbolt all of the inserts through the side of the hull mold and then pull the hull out. The inserts then come out with the hull. Then we have to remove all of the inserts from the hull and reinstall them in the hull mold for the next boat. It also means that all the finish and paint work in the inset style lines needs to all be done by hand because we can’t fit any tools inside of it. So, then you ask, “Why would you go through all of that?” You will be able to answer that for yourself when you see it. Some things are beautiful enough to where it is worth all the additional work and this is one of those things.

477 evolution being built
While still looking at the profile of the boat, we then changed the Fiberglass Arch Top. The leg supports are now curved with an inset style line taken from the similar look of the Premium Tops from the Nomad series. Same goes for that actual hardtop itself. We incorporated the skirted hardtop with the style line in it to fall into place with all of our newer models.
477 evolution t-top up close
Then there is the windshield. Looking for a more modern look, we opted to slim down the overall size of the windshield framing and powder coat it a flat black. It is also designed to be more enclosure friendly, seeing the amount of people that enclose the bridge deck area and air condition it.

As we enter the aft cockpit, you will see a completely redesigned transom. Across the aft cockpit, we molded in the folding rear bench seat so that it now is flush with the gunwale cap and in each corner, we added port and starboard in deck wells that can be used for storage or, like in most cases, will be transom above deck bait wells with windows and internal well lighting plumbed with a Hooker Sea chest system with variable speed pumps to create pressurized wells.

477 Evolution aft cockpit
We have reconfigured the aft cockpit hatches and provided a large starboard side fish box. We opened up the walkway that transitions from the aft cockpit into the bridge deck area and created a new helm seat cabinet that holds up to (2) appliances, which are usually an ice-maker and a refrigerator.

The L-shaped seating has been reconfigured to be more of an actual “L” where we took the aft most bump out in the seating and integrated a hi-lo electric table in that space. This change allows you to have a table that doesn’t take up additional cockpit space that can disappear into the floor at the touch of a button for more room, hit the button again and it will go to a filler height and give you more space to sprawl out. We really took advantage of this space on the new 477 Evolution.

477 Evolution L-shaped seating
We also changed the height of the console in order to make the helm position more ergonomically correct. Over the years, we continued to put larger appliances under the helm seat thus, raising the seat height without raising the helm position along with it. That has been adjusted on this new model.

Down inside the cabin, one of the first things you will notice is the new soft goods in the headliner. We built an entirely new headliner mold with recesses in it for upholstered panels and inset mood lighting, similar to the 410 Evolution. A request we have heard many times. We also put additional mood lighting under the leading edges of all the countertops and they are all on dimmers. It really looks cool when you turn all of them on!

477 Evolution cabin with wooden cabinets
Head of the 477 Evolution
In the head, we made the shower larger by removing the outboard partition wall that used to separate the hanging locker from the master state room. We then added a larger hanging locker to the top of the existing cabinet in the master stateroom, creating both a larger shower area with a new cabinet in the shower and a larger hanging locker in the MSR. We also redesigned the upper head vanity cabinet to allow a hull penetration or “portlight” in the upper cabinet while raising the medicine cabinet and mirror, making it more user friendly.
477 Evolution head layout
We changed the upper galley cabinet design as well by also incorporating a hull side window in it and creating more countertop space.
477 Evolution cabin layout with sink and hull side window
With this boat already having two other hanging lockers, we modified the locker forward and created an end table with storage next to the settee, which then allowed us the room for a 43” inset Smart television.
3D model of 477 Evolution cabin seating
These are just some of the highlights of the new 477 Evolution and we cannot wait to show you in person. We have already sold some of the new 477 Evolutions and are even building them as you read this. Everyone is excited for this new model that was designed by the best, our customers.


For more details, please call our sales office at (954) 922-7544 or better yet, come take a plant tour and see them in the process of being built.