Reeling in the Perfectly Personalized Fishing Boat

Wayne Ramoski had owned 15 powerboats over a lifetime of pursuing his passion for fishing, but he had never considered owning an Intrepid. However, he found that the evolving needs of his family led him to consider the “One of a kind. One at a time.” designs of the legendary boatbuilder.

“In my experience, Intrepids haven’t typically been known as fishing boats,” said Wayne. “But my wife and I were surveying the market for an express-style boat larger than 40 feet, and it seemed like all roads led to Intrepid.”

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Ride quality was a key factor drawing him to Intrepid. The family had noticed that it had really been blowing in the Bahamas when traveling during June and July over the past three or four years. So, they decided that they needed a larger boat that was designed to ride more comfortably in these conditions.

Wayne got what he was looking for with Intrepid’s 438 Evolution. Fishermen like him appreciate the boat’s customizable array of storage lockers, tackle boxes, rod holders and fish boxes, plus a folding rear bench seat flanked by above-deck baitwells with windows. But Wayne worked with Intrepid to truly personalize the boat for his style of travel and fishing.

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He said, “We probably had eight pages of things that we wanted, including adjustments as simple as rod holder placement, where we’re going to put the outriggers, and design of the piping for the top on the second station.” He continued, “We are very pleased with the end product and have a boat that really works for us.”

In addition to all the features and personalization to his 438 Evolution for fishing, Wayne also appreciates the luxurious comfort of the new powerboat. “What’s really great down below is all the natural light they have coming into the cabin,” he said. “Lots of boats this size you wouldn’t be compelled to spend much time below, but on the Intrepid, the light and airy cabin invites spending more time there.”

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Another part of the allure of the 438 Evolution is its striking design. Wayne said, “They say form follows function, but I own collector cars, and I like the beauty of things. There are a lot of ugly boats out there today, but I like the look and the sportiness of Intrepid.”

With a lifetime of boat ownership and fishing experience, Wayne Ramoski chose Intrepid to create his perfectly personalized powerboat. Contact us today to get started on yours!

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