November 2016 Newsletter

As a loyal follower of our monthly newsletters, we wanted you to be the first to know about our newest model which is debuting at the Fort Lauderdale International boat show. It is our new 407 Cuddy. This new boat is the new and improved version of our 400 Cuddy which is still our longest backlogged selling model at this time. And with that being said, we felt that we still wanted to update this boat with some of the ideas and comments that we have received from our customers over all the years that we have been building it. Let’s start at the bow and work our way aft.

We stretched the topside of the foredeck all the way forward up to and including the anchor locker hatch. It makes the boat look 5 feet longer, sexier, and sleeker. We then moved the upper skylights from the corners to the topsides and made them much longer which lets more light into the cabin. Also, if you remember, the access for the companionway door hardware was a big caulked in fiberglass hatch that sat right in the middle of the foredeck. Well, that is gone now and the entire foredeck is undisturbed without anything to break up the style lines that run fore and aft. Much cleaner look.

We also had requests over the years for a forward windshield to give a little protection for the people in the forward seating area. So, we would then install an after-the-fact windshield receiver and windshield. Now, the receiver is tooled into the deck, and we did it in a way so that if you do not want the windshield, it still looks good and gives you a landing for an enclosure if you decide to add one.

In the cabin, we got rid of the large port and starboard valances that ran on either side of the forward settee and added built in upper storage cabinets on both sides. You can never have enough space to put your stuff and this was all unused before. We also gave you access to another small storage space on centerline in front of the forward settee that you never had before. Storage, storage, storage!!

The all fiberglass headliner now has inset panels in it now. It softens up the look and the sound in the cabin. Makes it a little warmer looking and up to date. We took this from the 410 Evolution. Gone are the curtains that covered the hull side windows and now built in blinds give you privacy. Once again, much cleaner look. We also pulled in some of the finer finishes from the 410 Evolution like Obeche veneer and some of the hard surface materials. Another customer comment was about the stairs leading down into the cabin. We went from the floating stair step design to a set of steps with side rails. It definitely inspires confidence when walking down into the cabin of a rocking boat!

As we work our way back into the forward cockpit area you will see that we changed the track mechanism for the upper companionway door to reduce any rattles. We also changed the flip out port side cooler to slide out instead of flip out. That gets really heavy once it is full and making it slide instead of flip out makes it a lot more manageable.

The console layout is completely different with enough space for even the largest of electronic screens. We also changed the ergonomics by raising the helm itself 4 inches higher for better comfort standing or sitting. The next change was a big one. We get all different height boaters. With every boat being built per person, we have found ourselves building step platforms for people and some want them removable because they do not want to make their taller friends and family forced to stand on them when they are running the boat. So, we decided to fix all that. We installed a hydraulic platform in front of the helm seat that raises up 4” at the touch of a button. No matter what the height of the person, it serves them all. No longer needing a step box or a place to store it if someone taller runs the boat. Just push the button. All of the cockpit hatches now have wider gutters and better seals in order to handle water drainage better and to keep bilge compartments drier. We also closed out underneath the gunwales. No more raw glass to see underneath.

In the aft most part of the cockpit you will now see the folding rear seat totally integrated into the deck. The seat housing no longer sits above the deck nor does it protrude forward out from the gunwale. A very clean looking installation.

In the aft most part of the boat you will now see a walkway in the motor well so you have a safe and secure footing while standing back there along with a step on both sides to make it easier to get from the motor well into the aft cockpit.

Then to top this all off, there is a new hardtop. We pulled this profile from the 410 Evolution and it gives the boat a whole new look. We also bumped the aluminum structure out a little where the walkway is in order to give you more room when passing through. As you can see, we have made a lot of changes and those changes are your changes ….not ours. We will not take the credit as our customers continue to be our best designers. I am sure that I have missed some things as well so better for you to just come to the show and see our newest baby in person for yourself! As usual, thanks to all of you for your continued friendship and loyalty to the brand. It is that loyalty that allows over 375 people to continue to feed their families doing what we all love to do. Build boats! We hope to see you all there!!

Ken Clinton

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