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I would like to start off this month’s letter by thanking everyone who attended the Miami International Boat Show last month. It was great seeing our Intrepid family in such strong numbers and being able to catch up with everyone. I would also like to thank everyone for their continued loyalty to the brand by helping us produce the best sales to date at this show since it moved to the Marine Stadium location three years ago. And the boat show season is not over yet. So, if you were not able to catch us at the Miami Boat Show do not fret!

Consider this an official invite to see us at the Palm Beach International Boat Show which opens Thursday, March 22nd and runs through Sunday the 25th. We will have our newest release the 407 Panacea, the 410 Evolution, 407 Cuddy, 327 CC, and a 375 CC! This show continues to grow every year and has become one of our personal favorites.

At the factory, we have made a significant upgrade of our facility. For those of you that have visited for a plant tour or possibly even taken delivery of your boat here at the factory, you probably remember seeing our detail area which was a huge tent.

We have replaced the tent with a new building and a 75′ x 75′ covered detail area.

We worked out of that tent for around 18 years, and when we built the new building, we considered all the issues we had with the old detail area. First and foremost was the lighting or lack thereof I should say. Working with only the sunlight was always tough, so the first thing we did was light this area up. You practically need to wear a welding helmet to work in there! Having this clean white LED lighting makes all the difference in the detail area when you are looking for all those little imperfections like dull spots, scratches, etc. The tent also never covered the entire boat, so the rain in the summertime was always a huge obstacle. We also dropped air hoses and electric down from the ceiling, so hoses and cords are not being pulled over the sides of the boats. Just one more step in our evolution to continue to improve and better serve our customers.

And please remember if you ever want to see our new detail area along with the rest of our facility and how we build Intrepid powerboats from the ground up, feel free to call us at the factory and we will be glad to take you through! There is nothing like seeing behind the scenes on how we create our vessels from scratch!

See you all in Palm Beach!

– Ken Clinton

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