January 2017 Newsletter

It is a new year, and we are getting ready for our biggest boat show of the year. The Miami International Boat Show!

It is year two at the Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again soon! I personally love the new location. We have a much bigger footprint than we had in the convention center and most of all, the boats are where they belong… in the water! Going into the second year of this new location I think it will go even smoother than last year. I think all of us learned a lot from year one in a new spot, and we are refining our setup to be easier for everyone to see our entire lineup. I know that the NMMA has worked extremely hard to improve every aspect of the show from transportation to and from the venue, to an improved layout. We can’t wait to get moved in!

For more details on the show and what boats we will have their see our VP of Sales, Christian Gonzalez’s, section of the newsletter.

For those of you that can’t make it down to the Marine Stadium for the show no worries, we also have a display at the “Yachts Miami Beach” show on Collins avenue again this year. This venue has had a complete overhaul as well and looks to be the best layout we have ever seen there before. I know the Show Management team that runs this show has put tons of time in to take this show to the next level. And, from what we have seen, they have! That display will be run by our own Mike Obolsky and Joe Brenna. With two boat show locations for your convenience we hope you can attend!!

The new 407 Cuddy has been a huge hit with everyone. Not only did everyone that had a 400 Cuddy on order convert to the new model, people that already had a 400 Cuddy wanted to place an order to step up to the new 407 which is the real indicator that we got it right. We always hope when we come out with a new model it is what our customers are looking for. And, to have that confirmed with the backlog that we have on that boat is great! We really appreciate everyone’s loyalty and to their constructive comments. It is that feedback that truly designs the next models we prototype. If you did not get a chance to see the new 407 in the Fort Lauderdale show, be sure to come see it at the Miami Marine Stadium next month!

At the last show we got more requests to keep doing the intro videos to the new models when they come out. This was something that we got away from and then realized from your feedback that we needed to get this going again. So, last month Christian Gonzalez and I did one on the 410 Evolution. You can see that on our YouTube page. Next we will be doing one on the new 407 Cuddy and the 327 Enclosed console to get us (and you) up to speed!

Season 2 of Intrepid Powerboats on the Waterbegan airing the very end of December. The show pulled good enough ratings to not only be renewed for this second season, it went from being on Fox Sunsports locally to being picked up nationally by CBS Sports Network. We also are in the process of downloading the episodes to our YouTube channelas well so be sure check it out!

– Ken Clinton

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