How Socially Distant Boating Will Flourish in Post-COVID Era


375 Nomad SE - Socially Distant Boating

COVID-19 has introduced plenty of uncertainty into day to day life, but one thing remains very clear — those who live near the water and are ready to hop aboard an Intrepid powerboat already have access to all the freedom and fresh air they need!

Here are a few ways boating will fit into your post-pandemic lifestyle:

Boat on the Water - Socially Distant Boating

Socially Distanced Boating with Intrepid Powerboats
It’s easy to stay six feet from others when you’re miles away from the shore! Although standard social outlets such as restaurants, bars, shops and gyms aren’t quite the same as they were before, socially distanced boating continues to provide a much-needed escape and an enduring sense of normalcy.

Spending time in and on the water is proven to reduce stress levels and result in an improved sense of physical health and wellbeing. In addition, research has even shown that fresh ocean air has a positive impact on lung health.

Refer to local guidelines and regulations to learn how you can safely and responsibly practice social distancing on the water.

Boat Aerial - Socially Distant Boating

Fuel Up For Adventure
Pandemic boating is the ultimate “stay at home” loophole, particularly since fuel prices have dropped significantly due to a marked decrease in day-to-day traffic. Since travel will likely take a while to bounce back, avid boaters will continue to benefit from the drop in fuel prices for some time to come.

409 Valor - Socially Distant Boating

Splurge and Save with Smart Boat Financing
There’s never been a better time to look into boat financing. The federal reserve recently lowered its interest rates, which makes investing in a luxurious new Intrepid powerboat a more attractive opportunity than ever before.

Holiday Family - Socially Distant Boating

Keep Your Family Afloat
There’s no reason to deny your family their annual summer getaway. Yachting to your dream destination is a much safer — and arguably more enjoyable — mode of travel. And with many of the Caribbean Islands reopening to visitors, there are quite a few tropical locales where you and your family can unwind and enjoy a blissful change of scenery.

Boat Builder - Socially Distant Boating

Design Your Dream Vessel with a Virtual Boat Builder
The beauty of Intrepid powerboats is that no two are exactly alike – that “One of a Kind. One at a Time.” approach to boat manufacturing is part of what has set us apart from the competition. You can even build your dream vessel from the comfort of home, with a a virtual boat builder that allows you to design the perfect boat for fishing, cruising and more, right down to the stitching.

Elevate Your Post-Pandemic Boating Experience

Intrepid’s innovative, hand-crafted designs boast impressive fuel capacity and unmatched levels of  performance. Sport meets luxury in each and every world-class Intrepid powerboat, built to your exacting tastes and standards. Travel with confidence knowing that from bow to stern, no detail was overlooked and no feature untested.

To start custom-building your one-of-a-kind Intrepid, contact the Dania, Florida Sales Center at Harbour Towne Marina today: 954-922-7544 or visit