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    “Been thinking about getting a new truck. I’d like something that I can tow my 339 W/A a couple of times a year, and probably not for more than a couple hundred miles at most. More for winter storage and just in case of hurricane rather than on a regular basis. It’ll also be a daily driver, so I’m also interested in decent mpg and so I’m looking at the Ford F150s w/ the EcoBoost engine. I can get the truck configured w/ a tow rating of 11,300#.

    Powerboat Guide lists the 339 W/A at 5,500#. I’m guessing that’s bare, no top and no engines, so I’m thinking closer to 7k# dry, around 9k# w/ gear if the tanks were full, plus around 1,250 for an aluminum trailer. Total of 10,250# worse-case scenario, and within the tow rating for the truck, [i]IF[/i] the base weight is correct. Question is is the 5,500# accurate? Seems kind of light for a 33’+ W/A?

    Anyone ever weigh thier 339?”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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