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    “One of the benefits of building boats directly for our customers is being able to have a relationship with the end user and with that in mind, the inspiration for the new 375 Walk Around comes directly from customer input.

    Customers love the accessibility of a Walk Around but they do not like the conventional look. That usually is what causes some people to buy a cuddy instead. Because it is “Sexier”….. low profile….and they are willing to sacrifice the easier accessibility for the look…..and that is where the new 375 Walk Around comes in.

    With listening to some of our customers saying that they had to have the 350 Walk Around because of the easy bow accessibility or saying that they had to have the 370 Cuddy because of the sexier profile we decided to morph the concepts. The 375 Walk Around has the sexy lines of the Cuddy and has the Walk Around accessibility.

    The other comments were that they loved the forward seating in front of the helm station because you could interact with everyone while at the helm but the people in that seating wish they had better visibility. So, on the new 375 we raised the cockpit from the helm station forward in order to cure that and it also gives that same improved visibility to the helmsman as well which is a benefit because of the slightly raised shear from the new style shear line. This change in the shear line also now gives us over 6 foot headroom in the cabin too which is a huge improvement as well.

    In the past, when wanting a generator you had to sacrifice the below deck bait well. Not anymore. You can have both.

    When it came to cabin we decided to make a bold move and follow the success we had on our last new cabin model the 327 cuddy and move the head out of the cabin and put it into the console. It took a head that you could not stand in before that also took up a large part of the cabin and is now a full stand up head with a separate stall shower added as well. The head is twice the size as the old one. This also opened up the cabin to allow us to give more seating below and a much nicer galley.

    We also added the overhead storage compartments down both the port and starboard sides of the cabin like the 327 Valor. These were all things that we did on the 327 that all of the new owners loved so we implemented these changes into the new 375 Walk Around.

    Now throw in some new hull side windows to this model as well along with the newly designed dive door introduced on the sister 375 Center Console model and it gives you a pretty good overview of the new 375 Walk Around.

    Please be sure to see it at its debut in the Miami International boat show this February 14th-18th.

    Overall Length: 37’ 5”
    Beam: 11’
    Engines: Twin or Triple application
    Fuel: 400 gallons
    Water: 50 Gallons

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