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    “As we have told everyone……we will release all new info here in the owners forum before we do anywhere else. We feel that (as owners of Intrepids) you deserve to get what Mark and I call “”The inside iggy”” on any new and upcoming projects. So here is the first one….and it is a big one.

    Here are the details to the new 327 Valor that we hope to have ready to debut in Fort Lauderdale at the boat show at the end of October.

    First, the boat of course runs on the 327 Center console hull platform with the dual vented aft keel, the increased freeboard, wider chines, and an overall increased running surface designed to accommodate the heavier outboard engines out there. The reaction to the 327 Center console has been great. We have customers with this new hull that had the previous version and they are blown away by the changes to the new hull.

    Next…..let’s talk about the cuddy cabin. The old 32 had the rotating head under the step which everybody thought was pretty cool. It was a way to get the head out of sight and make the best use of the room in the cuddy. Well, the head was still in the cuddy and every once in a while we would hear comments like “”we love our 32 cuddy …but…if someone is passed out down in the cuddy and someone else needs to use the head, you have to wake them up and kick them out to use it””. Or ….just the smell of having it in the cabin without it being partitioned off in any way. But now…..with the new hull, we gained some cockpit space….enough to move the head out of the cuddy and we created a separate head inside the console like what we have on the Center console. Now they are completely separate from each other.

    The other comment we heard from customers was that…””we don’t use the cuddy that much, it is more of a big closet than anything and a place to get out of the weather if it gets nasty out””……so…..we decided that if some people use it like a big closet, let’s organize their closet.

    So for starters we are building integrated overhead storage units on both the port and starboard sides of the forward cabin where the valances used to be on the old model. This was really just dead space and now it will give people a place to put their “”stuff””. Almost like the overhead storage in an airplane.

    The other thing we are doing is building in a folding v-berth filler for the settee inside. Before if you got this option you had to store these pieces someplace (usually on the seating) and it limited the cuddy even more. Well now they are built in and they come standard.

    Also, now that the head is not in the cuddy anymore the sink does not have to be there because we are moving it out into the head that is in the console. This allows us to turn this area into another place to put your “”stuff”” or we can put a small refrigerator in there which was never an option before…..and if you remember the old 32, the space above that was another dead space and we plan on turning that into a storage center as well. We organized your closet.

    Out in the cockpit we already talked about the head being in the console but the other changes to the console are the angle changes to the backrests to make them more comfortable and we are extending the backrests to wrap around onto the forward cabin bulkhead on both the console seating and the starboard side seat so that they match. Now if you want to lie down facing aft… you can to that too.

    We are also adding the aft facing seat like we did on the 400 Cuddy. That was a big hit with our customers and we had the room to do it with the new hull so we put it there and we were able to do it without losing the console cooler that everyone loves so much. ….and we are going to hinge that hatch sideways so that you can access the console cooler from the front forward seating or from behind the console.

    The boat also has an entirely new deck that has the new sheer line that matches the all the new hull design. Much sexier than the old model.

    These are a lot of the major points of the new boat….and as you read above….most of these ideas come directly from our customers (even though we would like to take all the credit) and we are lucky to be able to get all of that input from our customers because they have a relationship directly with us. It is not like a boat that is bought off of a dealer’s lot where the manufacturer never knows who his end user is unless he gets a warranty registration card in the mail. We build our boats directly for our customers which allows us to get feedback directly from them on everything they like….and everything that they don’t like, and having those type of close relationships with our customers is what helps us build better boats day in and day out.

    So there you have it…..you guys know first. In a few days I will release these facts on Facebook and to the press…..but as we promised you have it first…..and we will continue to do it this way with new releases. We owe it to all of you who continue to be loyal to us and our brand and we can’t thank you enough for that continued loyalty.

    You have our promise….we will continue to innovate new products based on your feedback. We are here to serve……..and the entire Intrepid Team thanks you for taking the time to read this.

    Take care,



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