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    “I am starting to get into the boat, had a few things come up I am curious about. First would be is there a build diagram laying around somewhere that would show wiring routes, plumbing etc.?

    Second, I am concerned the tank may need to be replaced. There looks to have been a repair done already, and I have some minor fuel smell. I have not opened up the main compartment yet. How good is the access to the tank once I pull that main cover? Is it heavily foamed in? Are there specs available on the original design that I can give to a builder to have a new tank made?

    Third issue. I found water in the foam under the port side bunk. I can’t tell hyet whether that is a small leak from somewhere or if the foam is waterlogged. Is there a way for water to drain to bilge from that area? Anyone ever seen one with water issues in the foam in that area?

    Fourth, under the forward hatch in the cabin, there is a small bulkhead. It did not have a drain and has about five gallons of standing water, my guess is from the anchor locker. Should I shop vac that out and check periodically, or can I just make a small drain hole in it? I noticed the cabin also does not have a floor drain, so I am not sure if water from that area can get back to the bilge or if the area under the cabin sole is 100% foam filled and cut off from the bilge.

    Last thing… Do any of the old molds still exist for this boat? I understand that once upon a time fiberglass dive platform additions were available that fit on either side of the integrated bracket.

    Thanks for help on any/all of these. [:)] “

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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