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    “(1) unified paradigm unified enterprise building in the channel most commendable is her secondary sales of the model floor manufacturers for dealer weaknesses in management, marketing, finance, etc. to give the floor to support human and material resources advantages, wood flooring importer integration of powerful dealers financial strength, wealth of industry experience, a sound marketing network and other advantages, to build a new business unit sales floor, to replace the traditional dealer model floor. Unified enterprise through the transformation of secondary sales dealer floor, in the short term by the dealer injection standardized management system and professional marketing approach quickly the dealer’s business organizations the optimization and upgrading of the qualitative leap achieved floor, and start low investment, best composite decking material quick operation floor. The secondary marketing vendor relationships will be a fundamental reform of the system from the floor, to the floor manufacturers highly integrated, enhanced control of the channel, and the channel floor to maintain order. (2) Further paradigm Gree Gree first joint-stock company model sales floor, several large distributors selected by each province, a joint venture, equity participation, set up sales companies, formed a “”community of interests””, common to the regional market manipulation floor. Gree dealers first horizontal integration to strengthen its scale floor manufacturers to provide management, best composite decking material marketing and financial support package, while reducing business costs, making such support more significant effect floor, so to win the trust Business Suppliers floor; Furthermore, due to the merger and the scale of the auto manufacturers support more dependent on the floor, so manufacturers can achieve a higher level of coherence floor. Stock sales companies to strengthen the dealer’s management ability, she also has the ability to control more downstream customers to compress the channel level floor, to channel flat. (3) There are unis unis Model Integration Strategy also take the floor, the implementation of the “”channel Board”” system, so that each channel has the opportunity to speak. For each core distributors, the general manager would personally communicate. So airing, absorbing, on the one hand, you can get a lot of positive practical suggestions dealers, after all, they know more about the market, on the other hand floor, manufacturers plan to obtain a more powerful executive floor, more because businesses implement their own programs developed with more enthusiasm. (4) the United States and the United States of paradigm altogether will be refurbished this system, best composite decking material the implementation of unilateral “”big incentives,”” cultivation floor a few big sales floor in all regions, strengthen the links between the floor manufacturers, the management, marketing and other activities permeate to distributors, complemented by strengthening cooperation and coordination. Air conditioning in the floor, known as saying “”Three products seven installation”” of the floor, this statement reflects the professional in this field, especially in the air-conditioning service, installation works on the floor, the floor is even more evident. Moreover, the future direction of the air-conditioning channels will favor professional floor. With unilaterally “”big incentives”” in each region strive to cultivate a number of big sales, and sales company Gree shares differ, this model is mainly focused on specialized channels. Regional air-conditioning professional dealers, using their own advantages floor resources, strengthen regional networks inside the building, enhancing its secondary and tertiary businesses competitiveness floor, the floor will be a great development.”

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