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    “Family planned a week get together in Little Gasparilla Island for the Memorial Day weekend. My wife and I departed the lower Keys on Tuesday May 20 across the Gulf to Naples (3.5 hours) where we stayed at the Naples City Docks. As usual the weather man was not having a stellar day as conditions were different from what he had reported it to be, imagine that! While in Naples we enjoyed checking out the many shops and pubs. The next morning we departed and cruised up to Sanibel and into the ICW where we stopped for lunch at Cabbage Key. If you are ever in the area you must stop here for lunch. The restaurant has over $70K in dollar bills lining the walls and ceiling. One thing to be careful about is the Otters, we were told by the dockmaster that if they can get into your boat they will rummage thru all your coolers for food or bait, including livewells! We were lucky however a lot of other boaters were not. After lunch and walking around the historic Key, we departed and soon arrived at Little Gasparilla and met up with our family. We spent the next several days boating and enjoying the island and the many sandbars in the area. We left on Monday and headed for our island home in the Keys, knowing if we did not leave then that we would be staying in the area till Friday or Saturday due to the declining weather. We spent the next several hours dodging the many thunder storms along the coast and across the Gulf, thanks to the on board satellite weather display. The seas were definitely not the best but we pushed thru the roughness and made it home. We cannot say enough good things about how well designed, built, and safe these boats really are. Looking forward to our next Intrepid adventure.”

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