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    I’m Tom McGrath and very happy Intrepid owner for the last eight years.

    The hull ID is: IBW31031C596.

    It’s spring and after doing some work getting ready for the season, I’m hoping you can help me with info about the following:

    The gas tank sizes and which fuel fill is for the main tank (forward or aft);

    The dry or wet weight of the boat;

    Getting the screws in the middle of the anodes out to replace them (they back out to a point and then refuse to come any further-they just spin)(what is on the inside backing); and,

    What size screw, with what thread, was used to secure the stainless support for the aft fiberglass platform on the port side of the engines to the hull from beneath (One has come out and the stainless support needs to be re-secured into a hole at the very bottom, left corner of the transom)?

    Thank you in advance,

    Tom McGrath

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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