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    “We have a 1996 Intrepid that has the switches for a macerator, second bilge pump, and freshwater wash down but none of these was added/installed as an option when the boat was originally purchased from Intrepid. We now wish to install these options and would like to know how they would have been originally installed. Please see questions below. Your help is appreciated.

    1) Would you please tell us if the macerator was originally installed inline with the below waterline hose from the fish box that drains through the below waterline thru-hull on the transom or do we need to run a new discharge hose from macerator to above waterline and install a new above waterline thru-hull similar to the one for the bilge pump.

    2) where exactly was the optional second bilge pump placed in the bilge and the float switch for same. Do I need to T the hose from the second bilge into the hose from the first bilge or run a second and distinct hose installed into a new separate thru-hull. I am adding a second Rule 2000.

    3) where exactly was the tank and pump for the optional freshwater wash down installed on the boat. Who built/supplied the tank and pump and what size was the tank and pump.

    4) do you have a wiring diagram for the boat you would provide to us. It would help a great deal.

    5) what hatch tape do you use for your hatches.

    5) thank you for all of your help with this project. We are very appreciative of Intrepid’s willingness to help provide assistance and parts during the project. We love the boat and could not be more pleased with it and hope to acquire a 32 in the near future.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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