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    “With the gradual application of this technology to promote the localization of equipment and materials are bound are widely used in key projects. Raw materials approach approach first be checked by a professional technical and quality control personnel custodian, identify problems related to the company and report to the leadership, so that the material acceptance storage, the next process. First, C-shaped steel surface cleaning, the surface of the toner and stick some debris clean, brush the rust first pass uniform flow and prevent leakage of brush phenomenon. Paint before painting the steel frame must clean the surface dust, paint a good tune, brush evenly and prevent flow and pitted surface phenomenon. System board welded steel frame, steel frame required welding, weld surface without cracks, weld defects, soldering points to specifications and technical quality requirements, requirements flat bottom mold, plastic paving, check whether the steel frame qualified, if elected repair substandard steel frame, steel frame should be laid neatly. Control the water-cement ratio concrete pouring finished surface smooth and seamless without wiping India, surrounded by gray steel box clean. Decorative stage waterproof layer: board in a closed scraping impervious coating according to a certain mix asked to do, mortar blew requirements even without wiping India, steel frame four weeks to clean. Putty: board to board and both sides must asperities before leveling putty, required twice survived, some of the good surface compaction without wiping India, steel frame clean.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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