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    “So, I am proud to say I am a new owner of an oldie but goodie. I have a 1998 289, with the extended but standard t-top for that model (vertical supports, not the angled/lateral ones). I am interested in adding a relatively simple tower without controls, shade, etc. Access would have to be cut through the sunbrella with a zipper. More or less, a basic tower. We also have the upgraded console on it, not the standard, so plenty of room to stand on the console and get up to the tower. In the struts where the tower would be located, there appears to be sufficient support for a tower (the struts are wider, and almost seem like they were intended for a possible tower) and the weight intended for the tower would be limited to no more than 180 pounds. Boat is currently in the upper keys undergoing some maintenance items. So, my question is for recommendations for who might install the tower, and what type it should be (i.e., what manufacturer/fabricator).

    I also want to install a windlass and place two cleats to the side of it, so any recommendations for an appropriate windlass would be appreciated as well.

    Peace out!”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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