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    I have had my brand new 450R in warranty repair for over 8 weeks with oil leak in supercharger with an 80 hour engine. Mercury sends new supercharger, no gaskets to install, then says they don’t have them for retail sale and says they will be delivered mid November, maybe, this is in the beginning of October. Intrepid steps in and puts pressure on them and they get gaskets promised third week of October, Merc sends some of the gaskets, finally the supercharger gaskets get here 10/28 and the mechanic discovers many other gaskets required to do the whole job! Mercury knows this but they don’t have those gaskets and did not advise as to what was really going to be needed in the change out. So guess what? Today they say we wont get the rest of the gaskets until 11/12,maybe! They have them on the 450R assembly line but wont give us those! See I have already paid them so they are keeping the parts for new engines so they can sell more faster. My brand new boat will have been out of commission for three months when this may be done. Nightmare. Missed the best part of boating season.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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