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    “I have a 2011 370 cuddy- gen, all options, full top,etc. Twin 350 yams with stock 3 blade 15 1/2 by 19. Runs great but would like more power in mid range and also to get on plane quicker ( use full tabs which help) Not interested in max speed as 30-40 knots (4000 plus rpms) is sufficient with kids, grandkids etc. Having had a number of boats over the years, it seems like a four bladed prop may be answer. As you know, the props for the V8 yamahas are specific for that engine. Went on the Yamaha website- they discuss 4 bladed props for heavy cruisers etc…They make a four bladed 16 1/8 by 15 and a 16 1/8 by 17. Appreciate any ideas as to 1) will that make a difference 2) what size prop to buy 3) as they are expensive and really not sure if it will work, does anyone have used props or how can I get a set to try. THANKS!”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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