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    “I am looking for a little advice from an owner or someone at the company. I have sold my 289 open and I am about to pull the trigger on another Intrepid. The two I have on the short list are a 2004 310WA DF250’s and a 1996 339 w/ 2005 F250’s. I live in Mississippi and there are not any Intrepids anywhere close for me to look at. There is a significant price difference in the two models, around 25K. Can someone tell me other than the top design what the real differences will be? (ride, space, hardware and wiring quality) Will the 339 be OK with the heavier F250 4 strokes, as I know they were designed back in the 2 stroke era? Anything to look for specifically (shortcomings)? The 310WA does not have the shore power package as the 339 does.
    Thanks in advance

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