“Thanks for the quick reply, Joe. I think you gave me a similar estimate a while ago via email. That would put me pretty close or even slightly over the limit of the truck I’m looking at, but I’d hate to go to a SuperDuty if I don’t have to.

Problem is that I don’t currently have A) a trailer for it; B) a truck that could tow it if I did (I [i]might[/i] be able to borrow one, but not knowing for sure the spec’d weight makes me nervous to do so); and C) a lot of commercial scales in the area (that I know of….). I understand the boats are all different, with different equipment, but they’re probably pretty close, and I would think the biggest weight variable would be the 300 gallons of fuel at ~7lbs / gal. I was hoping that another owner may have weighed one at some point and be able to give me a better estimate, which would also help to determine what size trailer I would need (I was thinking ~12k# tri-axle).

Where does Powerboat Guide get its weight ratings (and other specs) from?

BTW – you going to be in Annapolis this weekend? I’m thinking of taking the trip down…”