“Intrepid truly is the best boat, I agree. My father purchased a 1994 356 Intrepid cuddy in 1995 that was only used a short time as a tender. He had many boats from 13′ to 75′ but the Intrepid was my favorite. When he passed away in 2004, I had a choice of many boats to inherit. I chose the Intrepid, repowered, refurbished it and we sold the rest. I recently purchased a 2003 366 Open repowered with 350 Yam’s and my brother got my 356 after seeing what a great boat my 356 cuddy has been these years. My brother in law also has seen what a great boat Intrepid is and is currently in the market to obtain one as well. Intrepid you could say Intrepid has been (for 18 years) and will continue to be my family’s boat for good reason. They are the best. Thank you.”