“Gary, I have the same boat (mine is an Open) and use the aft livewell on most trips. But, I keep my boat on a lift so the livewell gravity drains when the boat’s not in use.

I have shut off the seacocks, though, and believe that stopped the well from filling. I’ll have to try that when I next go out and will let you know how well it kept dry.

The plumbing for the livewell differs based on the configuration of fishboxes and livewells on your boat. Mine has forward and aft livewells and a port fishbox. In my case, the livewells are connected to one macerator and the fishbox is connected to another. Valving to isolate one of the wells/boxes would be quite different if you have a different configuration.

You might find an answer in the Owner’s Manual — Intrepid has them on line here: http://www.intrepidboats.com/owners-portal/owner-manuals.aspx

Here’s a typical set of instructions from Intrepid for draining the livewell — but it sounds like you may already have tried that:

The level of water in the baitwell is maintained by the height of the drain tube, which fits within the drain fitting.

The baitwell will fill beyond capacity if the baitwell pump is ON and the baitwell drain seacock valve is OFF.

To drain the baitwell the drain tube must be removed from the drain fitting in the baitwell and the baitwell drain seacock valve must be opened.

The baitwell will not drain completely when not underway. The baitwell drain and the drain thruhull are both below the waterline of the boat. The baitwell will only drain to the level of the waterline of the boat. To completely drain the Baitwell the drain seacock must be opened while the boat is underway (on plane) or when the boat is out of the water. After draining the baitwell close the baitwell drain seacock while underway. [/quote]”