“The paint on the hull side of your boat is more than likely a DuPont Imron product. It is not available from the Intrepid factory but is available from a Finishmaster store that offers DuPont products, possibly in your area. They will also have the tools needed to get a good color match. If you are experienced in applying this paint that is all you need. If not you are going to need a professional to do the actual work.
If you will email me (there is a link to email me directly) your vessel’s serial number I will be glad to look through any records the factory has to find the paint codes for the paint. If you will let me know where you (the boat) are I can also see who we can suggest might be the best to apply the paint.
The carpet for your boat was an item in an interiors selection from a group of selections offered by the factory at the time your boat was built. We had a designer develop several arrangements. These arrangements were offered during the configuration process for the boats shop order.
It seems the fabric business will develop and offer specific fabrics and materials for a “season”. They guess at how much of each material will be used and they produce that amount. During the season they may run more material if need be. Next season, new items are developed and offered repeating the process. Basically what I’m saying here is your carpet is most likely not available (produced any longer). This fact kind of eases the issue in that you are no longer looking for a specific item. You or maybe your wife (it’s always a great thing to get the ladies involved any way you can!) are free to shop for new carpet that matches your interior from what’s available today. Once you find what you like you can use the old carpet as a pattern. Most automotive upholstery shops will have a binding material to capture (bind) the edges. After that the old carpet becomes a guide for snap placement. You will let the snaps in the floor be the final say on where each snap goes.