“[quote=intpower;502]So many of my hatch dogs need to be replaced because the PLASTIC flange
are all cracked and broken allowing copious water to unnecessarily enter
the bilge. Also, they don’t look so great from an aesthetic perspective as
they make the boat look a little “”junky””. Hardly fitting an Intrepid…

I’ve been all over various marine supply houses and websites to no avail.

This is for a 322 Cuddy from 1998.

Spoke with someone at Intrepid who suggested Perko.

So I gambled and ordered one Perko 07778F01CHR at $150 including shipping.
I need several but didn’t want to get a whole lot at once in case they didn’t work

Good thing I only got one because it is too small and doesn’t cover the hole/cutout
in the lid. This despite the fact that I ordered the largest round hatch dog they
make and not the more appropriately shaped rectangular model.

So now I’m stuck with a $150 paperweight/doorstop and still my deck is still
full of holes. [:(]

Surely there are older Intrepids out there with proper hatch dogs. Are they
all still using OEM plastic hatch dogs that are uncracked/unbroken? I doubt
that very much. I find it hard to believe mine are the only ones that have
cracked/broken and need replacement.

Does anyone have any idea where to get these apparently extremely hard-to-find
replacement hatch dogs for older model Intrepids?

Many thanks for any assistance you can provide. Hopefully this info might help out
some Intrepid owners as well.



 My name is Paul Fleming I am the Warranty Service Manager here at the Intrepid Factory. I would like to see if I can help you with this issue. Could you send me some pictures of the current hatch dog you have on your boat as well as the hole that is cut into the hatch. This will tell me where we need to start looking for the proper replacement part and how to retrofit the hatch. My email address is warranty@intrepidpowerboats.com. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you."