“[quote=ph4;503]I have a 1996 that I restored and replaced all the original Perko hatch latches with Gemlux and could not be happier. They fit perfectly in the old holes and you can have them rectangular or round. I went for round. Contact Marcus at Gemlux. Marcus is a top notch guy and sent me samples to see which ones would work before I incurred a lot of costs. Here is my restore thread link http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/554073-restore-1996-intrepid-open.html


Hey, many thanks PH4. That Marcus fellow sounds like a real stand up guy. I will definitely be looking into the Gemlux product especially if he’s helpful in providing samples beforehand. I don’t need anymore paperweights.

Oddly enough, another fellow on THT going by ‘boat22’ recently restored his 1997 model and used the square 2.5″” Taco F16-2525 stainless latches which also said covered the holes. He started his project and posted that info after I did all my research and talking with Intrepid. So I guess I thought Perko was the only game in town for hatch dogs. I came across his THT post yesterday after posting here.

So now I have two leads to pursue. I’m going to look into both and will update this thread later (or maybe put it out on THT if my Intrepid profile gets deleted again) with my results so that others may know what their options are.

That’s pretty amazing the assistance you got from everyone at Intrepid. I’ve heard a lot about that from others as well. I won’t win any points with them for posting this but that has not been my experience unfortunately. (Hence, the paperweight…) At least the hulls are solid, though.

Very nice job on your restore, BTW. And thanks again!