“Thanks for your inquiry. We have developed the dive door systems on our boats throughout the years to accommodate reasonable loads. There are aluminum plates in the laminate schedule into which the bolts that hold the hinges are fastened. The bolt patterns are arranged on the hinges so that they match up to these plates. Not sure how much more capacity you want to add, but my thought is that the current design should be of enough capacity to allow a diver with a reasonable amount of gear to enter the boat using our dive door ladder. Adding capacity for whatever reason is certainly possible, but would fall into the realm of custom options, these are best designed and fabricated before and during the construction process. We are at the Miami Boat Show for the next week or so but I’ll welcome a call from you to discuss once I get back to the office next week. My number is (727) 548-1260 ext. 229. Regards, Joe Brenna”