“[quote=flswampdawg;500]I have a 2001 32 open center console and was wondering to use for a gasket material for the dive door ?

Thank You in Advance Joe R[/quote]

Hello Joe,

 We use a 3M neoprene gasket for the dive door; there are two different types that we use. a 1/4"" flat gasket that seals the bottom edge where the hinges are and a D shaped gasket for the sides. We carry this gasket here at the factory. You can contact Walt Putman in Customer Service (727) 548-1260 ext. 242 - customercare@intrepidpowerboats.com or myself Paul Fleming Warranty Service Manager (727) 385-9335 - warranty@intrepidpowerboats.com. We will be happy to assist you in getting the replacement gasket you need. Thank you!

Paul Fleming”