“Chanie – Sorry for the late response…I couldn’t find my login info, so I just created a new account. I just repainted my Intrepid 31′ WA with West Marine’s PCA Gold Premium Ablative Antifouling Paint. I’m no expert so I did some research, asked many of the local marinas up here in NC and they all agreed that this paint was the best for the money. I was told this ablative type paint is for boats that will be used/run…i.e. running the boat removes any growth and a microscopic “”layer”” of the paint. I sanded the old paint for a couple hours – just to remove the rough spots and minimize buildup, I then removed the dust with a rag and paint thinner. Then taped the water line and went to painting. I did notice that the paint wasn’t mixed well even after West Marine shook it up with machine, so I had them do it several more times for each gallon I purchased. This was my first time doing it myself, but so far, I’m well pleased and it saved me about $300-$400. Hope this helps! James”