“Hi Mark, The Delta 22 # anchor and the Fortress FX-16 were the most popular anchors on the 366 Bushwackers that we built. I looked at a picture of your original anchor and it’s a Fortress. My best advice is to get a Delta and see how it rests in the roller assembly if you decide to make a change. The same goes for a plow. I do believe that the Delta will seat properly but can’t swear to it. The spec for the rode is 9/16″” rope and 5/16″” H.T. chain. If G4 is a different nomenclature for H.T. then you’ll be fine. Rope Incorpoated in Fort Lauderdale is a good source for a rode, Jack there is very helpful and can be reached at (954) 525-6575. I’ll copy this message to your email address along with a picture of the original anchor installation. Longer rodes require more attention when they are being loaded into the anchor locker, so going forward to watch how the rode is laying into the locker is a good idea when you use something longer than standard. I always like to be forward when the anchor is being retrieved so I can see if there’s anything out of the ordinary coming up with the anchor. Joe”