“[quote=lov’n life;642]Hello everyone. I’m Looking for performance numbers on the 30′ cc. ( pre 2013 300 model ) What power do you have and how well does it perform ? Best cruise, mid range performance ( 3500-5000 rpm ), top end, etc. thanks [/quote]

I test drove several 30′ cc and my friend who has a 32′ cuddy insisted I test drive the 32′ and the rest is history. The ride was not even close. The 30′ was designed to be a 32 and they just cut the back off. In the words of my friend the 32′ creates it path were the 30′ struggles to stay straight. I have over 300 hours on new 300 Suzuki’s and the 32′ offers storage, and especially an unbelievable ride. Make sure to drive the 32′ before pulling the trigger.”