Don’t Miss the Miami International Boat Show!

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Visit Intrepid at the Miami International Boat Show

Date and time:

February 14th – 18th

Thursday – Monday: 10 AM – 6 PM


Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin, Virginia Key

3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149

Intrepid Location:

Between piers 3 & 4

Boats and Slip location:

It’s the first day of the Miami International Boat Show and the booth looks great and we are expecting wonderful weather over the next 4 days of the show.

We have a couple of announcements on two new models that we will be taking preorders for at the show. They are the 375 Nomad and the 345 Valor.


— 375 Nomad —


The 375 Nomad has the same deck layout as the 345 Nomad and also offers the same (2) console options that the 345 has with the Premium Enclosed T-top with side entry (SE) console to the head and the traditional front entry console with aluminum FRP hardtop T-Top. Where things differ from the 345 starts in the bow. Because of the additional length, it allows us to add the integrated cooler/baitwells to the aft side of the forward seating like on the 375 Open. Also in this bow area, we took the high-low actuating table from the 407 Panacea and incorporated it into this new model. The table goes from table height to filler height to create a sun pad with the rest of the forward seating, and then flushes out in the floor when in the down position.

Another benefit from the length of the 375 Nomad is being able to make the fender storage wider on this model than on the 345 Nomad. This now allows for 3 fenders all in one compartment, which allows you some freedom to decide what you would like to do in the same compartment on the other side. Maybe a flip out cooler, dive tank storage, a tackle center, or maybe a flip out garbage can. You decide.

The next option that we added to the 375 Nomad is the actuating helm sole where at the push of a button, you can raise the height of the sole an additional 4” for better visibility if needed. Mike Obolsky and Joe Brenna made me do that!……lol

When we get to the aft cockpit of the boat, we have the integrated port and starboard above deck baitwells with windows in the aft corners of the transom from the 345 Nomad that everyone loves so much. As you can see, we took some of the best elements from several models and incorporated them into the new 375 Nomad. We plan on having this prototype ready to debut at the Palm Beach Boat Show next month and we will be taking preorders for this model over the next week at the Miami International Boat Show.


— 345 Valor —


The other new boat that we are preselling is the new 345 Valor. This new model is based on the all-new 345 Nomad hull and provides the perfect sized pocket yacht in between the 327 Valor and the 375 Valor. We are shooting to have this new prototype finished by the end of this coming summer and debuting it at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. We have discussed this new model with several customers as we are developing it and they have all requested to get their orders in now because of our backlog, so we figured we would do the same for the rest of our Intrepid family.




Besides these two new prototypes, we have the rest of the lineup in our huge display over the next four days for you to touch and feel in person, including the debut for the 345 Nomad at this show.

Check out the 345 Nomad here.

So, please take advantage of seeing all of our boats all in one display with all the expertise of the Sales Team and the Factory at your disposal. Even if you are not in the market to buy a boat, stop by and say hi. We love catching up with everyone at the shows and listening to all the stories of the fun times that you all had in your Intrepid over the past summer.

We hope to see you there,

Ken Clinton


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