December 2016 Newsletter

I cannot believe another year is about to come to an end…..and what a year it was. I think we did more custom projects than any year before along with introducing the new 407 Cuddy. We have also spent most of the year designing the new website which is scheduled to release in March. Let’s also not forget all of the construction work that has been going on here at the plant as well. The entire field that was in the center of our facility (otherwise known as “the swamp”) is finally concrete, including the dirt road that ran through the center of the property. We actually just finished that project this week.

With all of that behind us and as we enter the New Year, we are looking to deliver a few different models to you this coming year. We are already 50% of the way through the next one, and we can’t wait until we can share that with you. We have about 6-10 models over the next few years that we plan on delivering to you, and I thought to myself, what a great time of the year to ask all of our customers what new models they would like to see next….basically…..your Christmas list. Just reply back to this email with your suggestions and it will come directly to me. We have taken our customers advice throughout all of these years and we see no reason to change that. You are, and have always been our designers. We have some pretty cool projects up our sleeves but maybe your responses dictate the order in which they come out. As always, we look forward to your ideas and suggestions.

From all of us at Intrepid Powerboats, we wish you all Happy Holidays and look forward to a great New Year! Thank you for your continued loyalty!!

Ken Clinton

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