Little did Walter Cornwall know that building a boat in an eighth-grade workshop in Livonia, Michigan would one day lead to him personalizing his own 427 Nomad SE from Intrepid.

“Ever since I was a little five-year-old kid, I’ve had a thing for boats,” said Walter. “Even though I would get terribly nauseous early on, I would just keep on fishing because I loved being on the water so much.”

He has had boats throughout his life, including a 25-year-old custom boat that he currently owns and a 345 Nomad from Intrepid. Walter said, “We purchased the first 345 Nomad built after it debuted at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.”

Although his 345 Nomad was already built before he purchased it, Intrepid did customize it to suit his needs. “I’m only 5’7’’ so they built a platform to improve my line of sight over the helm,” Walter continued. “I teased Ken Clinton (who is 6’4”) that short people buy boats too.”…

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