Benefits of Intrepid’s Revolutionary Stepped Hull Design

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Stepped hull design - On the water

We see it over and over again. The pleasant surprise – even shock – of an experienced boater taking the helm of an Intrepid stepped-hull powerboat or sport yacht for the very first time and getting it up on plane – especially if they’re out on rough or choppy water. They can’t believe how smooth, dry and sure-tracking an Intrepid is compared to any other boat they’ve even driven.

An Intrepid outboard powerboat feels like it’s floating on a cushion of air. Because it is.


First introduced on Intrepid powerboats in 1989, the company’s patented stepped-hull design is distinctly different from the hulls on other powerboats – in concept, design, engineering, and especially in performance.

Where Intrepid outboard powerboat and sport yacht hulls differ is in the forward panel, which is at a steeper longitudinal angle along the keel than the aft panel. These offset hull panels create more lift aft than at the step itself, so the boat runs with a slightly bow-up attitude, keeping it drier than the flat running angle of traditional hulls, which have hull panels at equal declivity.

The revolutionary large stepped hull on an Intrepid powerboat or sport yacht is the primary reason why it delivers a smoother, drier ride and can turn and maneuver so effortlessly.

Stepped hull design - Unmatched Maneuverability

Unmatched Maneuverability
As you turn any boat, simple physics dictate that the bow naturally wants to go down. Aboard many other boats, which tend to run flatter or slightly bow-down to begin with, this is a “skittish” situation. The bow can actually dig into the water, which can cause the back end of the boat to “break loose” and the boat to literally skitter across the top of the water – moments that can unnerve any captain and crew.

The tulip-shaped (convex or flam) bow entry on our outboard powerboats and sport yachts adds buoyancy to the vessel, and further complements the extraordinarily efficient lift, superior handling and wave-crushing properties of the offset panels in our signature large-step hull design.

Stepped hull design - Unparalleled Confidence

Superior Seakeeping, Unparalleled Confidence
The safety of all on board is paramount to a carefree day on the water. The sure-footed handling and tracking of an Intrepid outboard powerboat or sport yacht instills unmatched levels of confidence in any captain, secure in the knowledge that he or she is at the helm of a luxurious custom powerboat or sport yacht with the industry’s highest standards for seakeeping, safety and reliability.

Stepped hull design - Advanced Fabrication

The World’s Most Advanced Fabrication Techniques
Our innovative stepped hull design combines with the world’s most advanced fiberglass powerboat fabrication techniques. Yet another game-changing first from Intrepid, our vacuum bagging and resin infusing of the hand-layered, fiberglass fabrics that form the hull, deck and liners of an Intrepid powerboat make it lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient – results that put Intrepid in a class by itself.


When you combine the smooth-running, dry-riding, sure-footed maneuverability delivered by an Intrepid’s patented stepped-hull design with the industry’s most advanced fabrication techniques, it all adds up to the luxury of an outboard powerboat or sport yacht that instills unmatched levels of pride and confidence in anyone fortunate enough to own one.

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