It’s boat show time again, and we are putting the finishing touches on both of our Miami Boat Show displays. We are excited to see all of you again and debut the 407 Panacea at its first Miami Boat Show. It first debuted in at the Fort Lauderdale Show, and it has been a huge hit. If you have not had a chance to see the 407 Panacea in person, this is your opportunity.

Check out the video review for the 407 Panacea

Not only will we have one in our display area at the Marine Stadium, but we will also be doing sea trials from there as well on our new 407 Panacea, and we will be doing it with an all-new set of engines as well. The new duo prop Suzuki 350’s.

We have been impressed with these motors and the duo prop technology that these outboards use. They create great stern lift, are quiet, and get good fuel economy. We liked them so much that we rigged our 407 Panacea with a triple package for you to sea trial at the show and check out firsthand. That way you can decide for yourself and let us know what you think!

We have eleven boats at the Virginia Key display

And we have five boats over at the Collins Ave. display

The Miami boat show is so important for our customers and us because it is one of the few times a year that you can come and see our entire lineup in one place. With us not having dealers all over the country with inventory, this is your chance to see all that we have to offer with all of our resources from our Sales Team to the Factory and to answer any questions you might have. The other part of the boat show that we love so much is to catch up with everyone in the Intrepid family to hear the stories of the fish caught, trips made, and how everyone has enjoyed their Intrepid is awesome. It also is what helps us design future product because you are the designers. It is the input that we get from shows just like this one in Miami that shape future product development.

So come out and see us! The show opens tomorrow, and I can speak for the entire Intrepid Team when I say we can’t wait to see all of you there!

See you there!

– Ken Clinton