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We don’t make boats the way they could be made, we make them the way they should be made. One at a time and to the discerning specifications of our customers. No other boat company so carefully and proudly reflects the unique desires of each individual owner in every boat. Because at Intrepid, you call the shots. And it’s why we can, and will, personalize your Intrepid any way you want it. Combined with our advanced composite construction, each boat is not only unique to its owner but is stronger and stiffer, faster and more fuel-efficient to deliver the safest, smoothest, driest-ride on the water. Here are just a few of our customization features.

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"Freedom lies in being bold."
- Robert Frost


With Intrepid’s incomparable fishboat heritage, no fish is safe. Our sports fishing yachts are equipped with plenty of innovation and technology. Like a unique hull design for a smooth ride and extraordinary stability to propel you to the fish fast and comfortably. An endless array of thoughtful and customizable fishboat features include: extra large rod holders, macerated fishboxes and pressurized baitwells, optional stand-up heads with showers, wrap-around forward seating with electric back rests and an amazing self-bailing cockpit drainage system.

Rigged for swimming: Check. Snorkeling: Check. Diving: You guessed it, check. Your Intrepid is rigged and ready to get you overboard and back with ease. We specialize in custom rigging our boats for the best experiences in the water, whatever your passion is. Our innovative hullside dive doors and stepladders, for example, deploy with ease, are safely positioned away from props, and make coming back aboard a breeze.

When we build a boat for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Sheriff Departments, Police Departments and Departments of Natural Resources, special attention is put forth to ensure each one is fast, tough, dry and safe. And meets the specific needs of law enforcement departments. Is it any wonder that our powerboats have been heralded as the very best?

Intrepid is the world’s #1-selling yacht tender with incomparable style, comfort and handling blending perfectly with versatility. Go fishing, diving or cruising in an individually customized craft. Intrepid’s leading design, engineering and fabrication techniques deliver superior levels of comfort, performance and durability over the longest of hauls. In fact, our innovative hulls are designed to withstand the pounding and stresses of being towed behind a yacht over the course of multiple ocean crossings.


Boat hull color can be anything you like. It’s applied with Imron™ paint to produce a deeper gloss and it’s easier to maintain than a gel coat. Engines can also be painted to match your new Intrepid. Rails, seat bases and other metalwork can be powdercoated to match or contrast with the boat color using electro-deposition paint.


Choose between custom consoles, windshields and hard-tops. We’ll also manufacture custom seats specifically for your boat. Just pick the fabric, color and pattern, including pleats, piping, rolls, stitching and more. Freezers, icemakers or other cold stowage can be added. Fisherman can add additional live baitwells and fishbox plumbing.


Every Intrepid is installed with the engine brand of your choice.


When we sell an Intrepid, our relationship with our customers doesn’t end. Far from it. Our customer support program is legendary and goes well beyond the extra mile to ensure the absolute comfort, safety, and convenience of our owners.

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No two Intrepids are alike. We constantly chase innovation and champion new technologies to consistently lead the industry in performance, comfort, safety and style.


Entering the Intrepid family is unlike any other experience. It is a highly collaborative one. Before we lay a finger on a piece of equipment, we want your fingerprint on the design first. So we work one-on-one with our customers to learn what they want and hope for in their new Intrepid before we build it.

You’ll be involved throughout the process as your boat evolves into a craft that is very much your own. Unique and unlike any other. As is the customer service we provide to each owner no matter how long you own an Intrepid.

The All-New #41Valor
✔️ New Hull
✔️ Larger Cockpit
✔️ Wider Beam

Additional features include a modified transom platform with a pass-through walkway, modified companionway door, redesigned console for larger electronics, increased fuel capacity, and more.

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Thank you, #IntrepidNation for the continued love and support throughout the years. From the Intrepid Family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Intrepid’s self-rising back rests are just another feature that makes Intrepid stand out from the rest.

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Happy Veterans Day from Intrepid Powerboats 🇺🇸
To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future,
God bless you and thank you.

Demand attention in the #477Evolution - a boat built to turn heads. Build yours today:

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