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Fully-infused resin hulls. Actuating helm seats. Fold-in dive doors that take up no cockpit space equipped with flip out ladders. Or introducing quad-outboard controls before the outboard manufacturers did. The list goes on and will continue to do so because we are never satisfied and know there is always a better way.

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“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.
― Johannes Brahms


Distinctively different in concept, design and performance, Intrepid’s most advanced stepped hull in the industry delivers a smoother, drier ride with unparalleled maneuverability. It all begins in its forward panel, which is at a steeper longitudinal angle along the keel than the aft panel. These panels create more lift aft than at the step itself so the boat runs with a slightly bow-up attitude. The boat stays drier and turns and maneuvers more effortlessly than the flat running angle of most stepped hulls.

We never stop redesigning, improving and enhancing our product. We refuse to believe there isn’t a better way.  Our zero-defect, one-at-a-time process includes wood-free, vacuum-bagged PVC foam hulls rather than the Styrofoam™ used by other manufacturers. We’ve pioneered exclusive combinations of knitted, uni- and multidirectional laminates to attain unprecedented levels of strength and rigidity, while shedding performance-robbing weight. Our breakthrough fully infused, stepped hull design means our custom crafted boats literally glide on a cushion of air, enhancing fuel efficiency while delivering the smooth, dry ride Intrepids are famous for.

The flawless fit, finish and performance of each Intrepid is the result of the most obsessive design, research, testing and quality control process in the industry. We test and validate the quality, integrity and durability of every material, part and fabrication technique used. Cameras and sensors are installed in the hulls of prototypes to measure the forces of stress, water flow, impact, lift and drag. Burn and gel tests measure the effects of heat and stress. The hulls are meticulously hand-inspected to eliminate even the most minute flaw, air bubble or uneven surface, then sanded, buffed and polished to a state of perfection.

We are highly collaborative with our customers and some of our most prideful achievements are ones we created from sketched “dream” ideas on cocktail napkins they had. Sure, everything we do is highly innovative and precise but we do it for one very simple reason. So our customers are happy and satisfied knowing they own the finest, custom-crafted boat on the water.


Thanks to the distinct stepped hull design the CG (center of gravity) is positioned perfectly, producing an extraordinarily well-balanced ride. The boat takes off level and actually feels like you’re levitating onto plane. Waves are flattened, at any angle, with very little jolt transmitted. This makes for a smooth, dry ride, no lag and a noise factor that, to be honest, is really not a factor at all. The ride is quiet, allowing for normal conversation with an extra measure of comfort and pleasure for all aboard.


When it comes to safety, Intrepid has always gone the extra nautical mile, creating the safest, most comfortable and family-friendly vessels imaginable, regardless of weather or nautical conditions. From safer seating, more secure hatches, and strategically placed grab rails to higher freeboards, spacious heads, and redundant mechanical, electrical and safety systems.

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Since 1983, our dedication to the industry’s most advanced design, engineering and fabrication techniques has been interwoven into every Intrepid built. Our pioneering technique of fully infused resin hulls, for example, make our boats 20-40% lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient. In fact, we collaborated with world leaders in resin technology to develop a specialized, low-density resin with unmatched adhesion which also minimizes and, in some instances, eliminates VOC’s making it extremely environmentally friendly.


When we sell an Intrepid, our relationship with our customers doesn’t end. Far from it. Our customer support program is legendary and goes well beyond the extra mile to ensure the absolute comfort, safety, and convenience of our owners.

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If you can dream it, we can paint it.

Every Intrepid is equipped with the engine package of your choice and painted in any color imaginable. What are your custom Intrepid colors?

Discover the Intrepid Difference at the link in our bio.

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Original has no equal.

Our all new #427NomadFE answers the call for a roomier, more powerful center
console - one that offers a combination of performance, comfort, and versatility
not found anywhere else on the water.

Start building yours today:

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