June 2018 Newsletter

Well, it is official! Summertime is here, and I hope that everyone has carved out some time to be able to get out on their boats with their families. Here at the factory, we have been staying extremely busy with all of the semi-custom builds that we have been working on.

Some of that semi-custom work has been figuring out different ways to fit gyros into all the different models we build. I remember when we were the first company to install one in a smaller outboard boat. It reminds me of the first time we did a bow thruster in one of our boats around 20 years ago. We originally did it as a customer's request, and I remember wondering if anyone else would want this type of option in the future. Here we are 20 years later, and I would say that 95% of all the boats we build has a bow thruster in it. I thought the same thing when we did the first gyro. Now I have five boats online right now with gyros in them. It just shows once again that our customers are our best designers!

Be safe and get some time on your boat! It will thank you for it and so will your family.

– Ken Clinton

I want to express thanks to the entire Intrepid Powerboats family for the warm and gracious welcome on my first day as part of the team. It is a thrill to be part of this iconic brand, and I am especially excited to be a member of a great crew of professionals from our Largo, FL production facility to the Intrepid Southeast Sales Center at Harbour Town Marine in Dania Beach, FL. I’m looking forward to a fun and successful future. Thank you again!

This weekend, June 7-11, we are excited to have an Intrepid 410 Evolution at the San Diego Boat Show at Spanish Landing Park East. This particular 410 Evolution yacht features triple Yamaha power and all the beautiful features and appointments Intrepid is known for.  

The 410 EV is a featured part of the newly minted relationship with Hampton Yacht Group. In addition to a network of full service yacht dealerships, Hampton Yacht Group is an authorized dealer for Hampton and Endurance Yachts. We welcome them onboard. Please feel free to contact Chris Elliott at Hampton Yacht Group in Newport Beach, CA for more details on the Intrepid 410 Evolution at San Diego Boat Show.

– Peter Orlando

Last month we had the pleasure of going to the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club for the GREAT LAKES BOATING FESTIVAL. This year we showed the new 407 Panacea and the reception by the guests at the show was fantastic.

Everyone including other dealers came by to see the boat as it was the talk of the show. We have come a long way in Michigan due to our association with Tom Raguso at Sun Sport Marine in Harrison TWP, Michigan. Tom just opened his new Showroom on Metro Beach Parkway just a couple of miles from Lake St Clair.

Our next show in Michigan is June 15-17 at Bay Harbor, Michigan. One of the most perfect places in the entire state of Michigan, it is worth the trip to come to the show and enjoy the area. We hope to see you there.



– Mike Obolsky

Welcome to the summer of 2018. Memorial Day is behind us, and we can now look forward to a great Fourth of July. Spending time on the water with family and friends is a wonderful way to make happy memories, so I hope that’s in everyone’s plan for the coming months. Please let us know if there’s anything that we can do to help you better enjoy your summer boating adventures. 

With that in mind, safety needs to be the foremost concern to all. There are some good resources available that can help to brush up on your safety skills. These aren’t meant for only new boaters to use, it’s a good idea for even the oldest of salts to refresh their knowledge of safety on the water. The U.S. Coast Guard website has some good pointers, please use them. 

You might also want to download the U. S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Mobile App. It offers a lot of good information to make your days on the water a little safer, and easier. 

As an aside, summertime can mean very crowded marinas in popular boating grounds so it’s best to make reservations well in advance. None of us need to hear that there’s no room available when you arrive at your destination.

I travelled to Newport Beach, California for the boat show there in late April. I’ve been to lots of East Coast shows over the years but never really had a chance to spend much time at the ones on the West Coast. I enjoyed my days there, it was a great opportunity to see how our friends use their boats and, most importantly to me, a good chance to catch up with vendors who can service our boats. I met some very qualified craftspeople who will take care of whatever service or warranty needs our customers may have. We’ve always had a good network of service providers and I feel that it’s even better now that I’ve met more of that select group of tradespeople with whom we will be working.

We have lots of projects going on at our factory in Largo, so I’ll invite anyone who’s interested in seeing what we are doing to come over for a visit. There have been lots of improvements made to our plant in the last few years, it’s worthwhile to put aside some time to visit if you are ever in the Tampa Bay area. Hope to see you soon.

Happy Boating

– Joe Brenna

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